Co-sleeping with your baby?-You could be risking SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome)

Sudden infant death syndrome, commonly known as SIDS, Is the sudden death, of a baby below twelve months of age, which can not be attributed to any prior illness ,usually during sleep.

Sharing a bed with your baby increases the risk of SIDS. The risk is higher among mothers who smoke.
There is also a smaller but significant risk among parents who could be non smokers.

According to the safe sleep guidance UK, the risk factors for bed sharing include;

  • Adult mattresses are not designed for infants.
  • Adult pillows and bedding's may contribute to suffocation.
  • Adult duvets may contribute to overheating.
  • other children/ pets sharing the parental bed may lead to suffocation or overheating.Pets should NEVER be left to share a bed with the baby.
  • infants may be squashed or suffocated by parents or others while in bed.
  • infants may roll out of bed and may get injured
  • Infants may get wedged in the bed or may wriggle in to a position from which they cant get out

Always consider putting the baby to sleep in their crib/cot. If put to sleep in an adult bed, they shouldn't be left unsupervised.
If circumstances for bed sharing are unavoidable, consider consulting your pediatrician.

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