5 Fun and Educational Fall Activities for Kids

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Is it pumpkin spice season already? Between pumpkin-flavored everything, Halloween, and the pretty foliage, there’s so much to love about autumn! During the transition from summer to winter, autumn means cooler temperatures and shorter hours of daylight. For many families, it’s the perfect season to teach children about the weather and the changing of the seasons. Check out these fun fall activities for kids to welcome this beloved time of year. 

When was your family’s last apple-picking outing? Orchards come to life in autumn with vibrant colors of orange, red, yellow, and brown. It’s a sensory experience! Head to the nearest apple orchard or pumpkin patch for an exciting day trip. These farms often have special events for children and make for great memories and yearly traditions. 

After visiting the orchard, your family can experiment in the kitchen with different apple recipes. Check out this delicious Apple Rings recipe that is safe to make with children! 

Grab those rakes and plastic bags! A little yard work is a great way to introduce children to autumn themes. Raking is not only a form of exercise, but it also teaches kids important life skills such as responsibility! 

Don’t have a lawn or trees? Throw on a scarf and go for a walk around your neighborhood to collect different kinds of leaves. 

There are many ways to make use of these fallen leaves:

  • Put on rainboots and jump into leaf piles
  • Stuff them into old clothes and make a spooky scarecrow
  • Create an artistic masterpiece by painting the leaves onto paper and carefully lifting them up to see their imprints 

Head to a local farmer’s market to show your kiddos all the bright fruits and vegetables that grow in autumn. Here kids can learn about produce according to the season of the year. 

Visit each stand and try your local cranberries, dates, and figs, or introduce “different” veggies like beets, squash, and sweet potatoes. Together, you can pick out all your favorite goodies and put a special meal together! 

Autumn is a great time to hike, thanks to the crisp air and colorful leaves. It allows children to really notice how the land changes from summer to fall. While walking through the forests or up a mountain, take this opportunity to explain why the leaves change color. Since there’s less sun in autumn, the leaves receive less energy and break down. Describe the cycle of leaves falling to the ground and returning in spring.

This can be an excellent metaphor for life! 

Halloween and candy corn—many families love the spooky season! Crafts like pumpkin carving can be very engaging for children. Help your young artists to create a design inspired by autumn. For younger children, encourage them to finger paint silly faces onto pumpkins instead of carving! 

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