Our Activities

Study Language

We offer sign language classes for our kids who would wish to learn different languages.Our staff are always keen to impact the kids with latest languages.Book your appointment today!

Game & Fun

We have various games and fun activities for kids in the institution.Some of the best games includes Keep away,prodigy maths,piano,tag,duck duck loose among many others.

Learn Music

Kids also have an amazing interactive environment where they learn music as career or as fun.We basically ensure that they grow as an all rounded kids as we prepare them for the future.

Art Study

Art is another area of study that most kids enjoy and we have professionals who ensure that the kids get the best of themeselves.We nature their talent at very tender age.

Fun Activities

Let you kid enjoy fun activities that inspire them to learn more about their environment.Baby Mama Kindergarten has everything that you need.

Safe For Children

Our kindergarten is very safe for the kids to play and learn at thesame time.You will never regret choosing BabyMama Kindergarten as your number one choice for your kids to grow.

Adults Supervisors

All our supervisors are great and all rounded to take care of any circumstances that may be arising.Book an appointment for your kids intake today!

Upcoming Recruitment

The Baby Mama Kindergarten will be having an intake to enroll new intake for 2024 as from December 2024.Book your kids interview today!We have limited slots!